Monday, 8 August 2011

My First Triptych

A triptych is an artwork which is divided into three sections. In the olden times it usually composed of three carved panels hinged and folded together. I always like the principles of Gestalt (a principle where the mind completes what is missing).

Using emboss paint, I have laid the "alibata"(a pre-colonial writing of the Filipinos) on a heavy tactile texture layered canvas. Like in my previous work, I relied much on the use of found materials. Here I used corrugated box, thread, gesso, glue, and fabric. The canvas itself was recycled from some students' projects four years ago. Beneath the finished layer were different strata of paints, lacquer, gel medium, gesso, collage and other unconventional materials. I also used different chemical to remove initial layers, until I am satisfied with the effect.

I enjoy more the process rather than the finish artwork. For me, there is always fulfillment in doing each piece when you do them in a very tedious way. The finish piece is just the facade; yet the main source of my enjoyment was during the process of making it. I am sure, lots of people could only see the physical qualities of this painting, but no one really knows what is the story behind all the layers that I have done in this piece; the layers of joy, the layers of frustrations, the layers of satisfaction, the layers of discoveries and the layers of risk taking until I tell them. 
The title of this painting is John 1:1-12. Reading the passage, you can have a schema on what I am trying to explore in this piece.

Title: John 1:1-12
Mixed Media, 10" x 18" each