Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Abstract expressionism Project

PhotobucketThis is one of the Abstract Expressionism project of my Art 2 Students. The lesson was a collaboration between the students. Each of them were given a 60m x 1.20m canvas. They were challenge to express who they are using colors; their fears, frustrations, character, priorities. Afterwards, they shared their artwork to their partner were they use lines to describe their positive characters. They have to share their values to one another. Finally they used imprinting for their family crests and included in the center of their artwork.

The best thing in this lesson was when they start sharing themselves to the class through art critiquing. Each of them managed to express freely their life in their paintings.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Q and A asgvis

Aside from painting. They did an interview of me at asgvis.com

Here is the LINK

Malagung Dalaga (Beautiful Woman)

malagung dalagaAgain using Vietnamese character with Alibata or Baybayin script. 

In various national and regional cultures that I have known, glorifying the characteristics of woman is common. In my native province of Pampanga, I still remember the song "Malagung Dalaga" (beautiful woman) which was actually sang by my neighbors while in their beer drinking session. Those vivid memories of Tatang Peping Tagilo sining whole day with his basulto rendition are irreplaceable. I could still recall this song was even the very first song that I have mastered and sang in the stage at the age of 6 in an amateur singing context. (By the way the singing was a self-directed one- I went to the stage by myself, my mom and dad does not even know it). 

Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have their own song about what is a beautiful woman in their context. I am sure any culture will have their own version. The middle part of Vietnam, Hue, they even have the song t"he10 characteristics of beautiful woman with o tang, o tang (just like lalalala) after every character. In the bible, there is also a passage on  what is a beautiful woman, but it's more on the inner beauty of her and how she takes her family. 

I have, a beautiful woman too.... her name is Lan, my wife, who is a Vietnamese. For me she is the fitting example of a beautiful woman. How I thank God for giving her to me. I could never replicate the kind of dedication she has with my children and me. The song in my native village "Malagung dalaga" was all written as adornment using embossed paint. The Vietnamese lady here, is a lyrical symbolism of her identity as a Vietnamese, who is so timid and shy - a common subject  I borrowed from old Vietnamese painters like "To Ngoc Van". The animal on the left symbolizes her characteristics of never giving up and her undying hardworking character. 

I love you sweetheart. This is for you.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Using 3d as preparatory studies for my painitngs

I always love using 3D software like sketchup and rendering softwares as preparatory work for my paintings.

Here are some studies for my worship series paintings






Art using 3D rendering engines.

I love digital visualizations using SketchUp and Vray. From time to time I used these softwares to create some conceptual scenes and art work. I also used different software to study lighting, forms and shapes.

Here are some old rendered images.

This one was my contest entry at suplugins.com which won first prize.


worship series studies
worship series3

worship series2

He is risen
he is risen

Back to the Village

No time
Open your heart this Christmas

Some old charcoal and graphite drawings

big eyes

african eyes

african eyes 2

observational drawing

dan toc vietnam

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lupang Hinirang

Using Baybayin, I have written our National Item, "Lupang Hinirang" in these piece.


detail 1

detail 2

Cultural Women Series

I am inspired this year. Here are my painting in mixed media:



Alibata or Baybayin

Alibata or Baybayin is a Pre-Hispanic script. Being inspired to paint again. I revisited and learned how to write the script. Here are some of my paintings clearly incorporating baybayin or alibata.



First painting in 2011

For more than a year I did not paint. My art was mostly using 3d visualization. This year my passion to paint has returned. Here is my first painting in 2011 after almost two years of not painting.


Viuetnamese Series

In 2007, I started this series concentrating on Vietnamese Women.

Here are some of them:




Worship Series

In this series, I tried to use Google Sketchup and rendering engines like Vray SketchUp to understand lighting. In this painting, the model and rendered image were my preparatory studies.



I love painting and exploring different subjects and techniques. One of my favorite subject is cultural women. In this approach of gestalt study, I painted this Vietnamese woman without showing her face.

Painting on Wooden shoes

This one was actually a collaboration project at Hanoi International School. I asked all the students from K-12 to paint their wooden shoes during the international week. Here is a sample of oil paint that I did for this whole school project.

Hope Series

In the year 2000, I was extremely interested in painting a series called "Hope". I used mostly children as my subject.